NEHA Staff Profile.

Position:NEHA NEWS - National Environmental Health Association's Sarah Hoover - Interview

As part of tradition, NEHA features new staff members in the Journal around the time of their 1-year anniversary. These profiles give you an opportunity to get to know the NEHA staff better and to learn more about the great programs and activities going on in your association. This month we are pleased to introduce you to one NEHA staff members. Contact information for all NEHA staff can be found on page 49.

Sarah Hoover

I joined NEHA in April 2018 as credentialing manager. Prior to NEHA, I lived and worked in Indiana as a program manager for a healthcare information organization rich in biomedical informatics and focused on big data and machine learning advancements to improve healthcare delivery. As someone passionate about learning, my professional interests at the time led me to pursue my Master of Public Health from Indiana University. I graduated in December 2016 and moved to Colorado approximately a year later. Today, I enjoy the intersection of public and environmental health that NEHA offers. There are many exciting, complex, and unique challenges in the aspiration to make the world safe for all and I see my position at NEHA as a capstone of my...

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