NEHA introduces three new staff members.

Position:NEHA News

Amanda Peralta--Receptionist, Customer Service

I am honored to be the newest addition to the NEHA family. I would like to start by thanking you all for making my job here possible. My responsibilities include answering phones, membership data entry, continuing education, sorting mail, administrative support to co-workers, and--most important of all--helping to answer questions from you, the members. I am also very lucky to have such wonderful, kind, and intelligent co-workers. I enjoy very much being able to help people. Because of the type of organization NEHA is, I love my job here. We represent environmental health professionals, the unseen heroes.


I moved here to Colorado from California with my parents when I was 13. Until my junior year, I attended high school at Smoky Hill High. Then I decided it would be best for me to get my high school equivalency diploma and graduate early. At 17, I began taking classes at Parks College off and on for an associate's degree in travel and tourism, but soon changed my major to computer technology and then once again to business administration. I am currently taking online courses through Columbia College to finish my degree in business administration.

In my personal time I love to paint. I paint mostly abstracts with acrylic oils. Painting for me is a great outlet for my originality and a release from inhibitions. I enjoy writing, and of course I love shopping! Family is most important to me, so I do spend a great amount of my time with those close to me.

I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunities that I do here at NEHA. This work is providing me with a great path for me to expand my horizons, and I am excited to start a future in a field in which I believe I can learn and grow day by day. I am so fortunate to work for an association that cares so much about its employees and members. I love to be challenged, and I look forward to helping you all in years to come.

Alicia Green--Project Specialist

Joining the NEHA team as Journal and marketing project specialist has truly been a dream come true for me, although you could have knocked me over with a feather with such news a little over three years ago when I was beginning graduate school at the University of Colorado-Boulder.


Since I have a B.A. in communications and Spanish from the University of Alabama-Huntsville and an M.A. in newsgathering broadcast journalism, along with professional...

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