The NEHA E-Journal is here!(MANAGING EDITOR'S DESK) (National Environmental Health Association)

AuthorFabian, Nelson

After more twists and turns than a Formula One Grand Prix, it gives NEHA, the NEHA staff, the NEHA board, and me great pleasure to finally announce that the "E"-Journal of Environmental Health is finally here!

Starting with this, the November issue, every NEHA member will now receive, in addition to their print Journal, an electronic version of the same.

As many of you know, we have been enduring the process of transitioning to a new association management system, all for the purpose of having more capability with our records and data and for making the NEHA experience richer for the NEHA member. This transition hasn't been easy. It has also caused us to delay making this announcement.

Notwithstanding the ups and downs of this process and the delays to the best-laid plans we've had, we've now made it to the point where we can finally offer the NEHA membership a full Journal in an electronic mode. This represents yet another milestone in NEHA's ongoing efforts to be a contemporary association of ever-increasing value to the NEHA member and even the full profession.

The original plan for the E-Journal was to embed it in yet another initiative: a multiyear membership program. While that remains the overall plan (target implementation date is one year from now), we decided that it would be a greater benefit to the NEHA member to first have the opportunity to experience both the print edition as well as the E-Journal ... and at no additional cost. In that way, when the day comes when we ask you to choose between the three options of 1) print Journal only, 2) E-Journal only, or 3) both, you will have a much better base of experience to draw from in making your decision. We felt that by proceeding with this special one-year "get acquainted with the E-Journal program," we were being more respectful of you and the need for you to have the time to decide what your preference will be.

In opening up this new member benefit, we're also tapping into the latest in e-book technology. As we gain experience with using this technology, we even look to include video in the E-Journal experience.

We're also excited about the prospect of how the environmental health supplier community can use this technology to showcase what products and services are available to you, the environmental health practitioner.

On yet another front, we've been preparing for this day...

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