NEHA 2020 Membership Survey.

Author:Ashley, Jonna
Position:NEHA NEWS - National Environmental Health Association - Survey

Over the past 2 years, NEHA has enjoyed tremendous membership growth. To better understand the motivations and needs of these new members, NEHA conducted a survey of 3,600 members who joined or rejoined after a lapse in their membership between 2018 and 2019.

Survey results indicate the primary reason that members joined in the past 2 years was to pursue or maintain their environmental health credentials at both the national and state level (Table 1). Overwhelmingly, members conveyed that they find value in NEHAs online learning courses but would like to see improvements in both content and ease of access to these resources. Of the respondents, 60% cited NEHAs E-Learning as the benefit they would most like to see improved and expanded upon moving forward.

In response to the survey, NEHA Executive Director Dr, David Dyjack has charged a group of NEHA staff to "think radically about quality improvement around the NEHA customer experience and to construct e-learning that is simple and easy to access, simple and easy to understand, and arranged in a manner that makes sense to individual members,"

NEHA would like to thank the new members who thoughtfully responded to the 2020 membership...

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