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Continuing Professional Education (CPE) regulations have changed--and FERFPros powered by SmartPros, the online self-study CPE program run by FERE, meets all the new guidelines required by NASBA.

Due to recent changes to NASBA standards governing self-study CPE credit, reading general business literature and taking the corresponding exams no longer qualify for CPE credit. To qualify, literature must be "supplements to the instructional materials" of an authorized CPE program, like FERFPros powered by SmartPros. Please see the revised January 2012 NASBA Statement on Standards for CPE Programs, 58-07 for details.

As part of your member benefit, FEI and FERF have partnered with SmartPros Ltd. to provide discounted, high-quality CPE especially for FEI members. FERFPros powered by SmartPros is the online self-study CPE program run by FERE that meets all the new guidelines required by NASBA.

CPE articles in Financial Executive magazine are required reading supplements for FERFPros courses. FERFPros powered by SmartPros provides more than twice the CPE credit previously offered in Financial Executive.

Please go to the CPE page on FEI's website for more information about FERFPros powered by SmartPros

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