Nearly Half Of Voters Oppose 'Christian Nationalism,' Poll Shows.


A poll conducted last month shows that nearly half of all voters in America believe that Christian nationalism is a threat to the nation.

The poll, conducted by the Morning Consult, a global technology and polling company, found that among registered voters, 20 percent see Christian nationalism--the belief that the United States is or ought to be a "Christian nation" that extends preference to that faith--as a "critical threat." Twenty-seven percent see it as an important issue but not a critical threat. Thirty-five percent say it's not a threat at all, and 18 percent say they're not sure.

The results sharply diverged depending on respondents' political views. Forty-seven percent of Republicans said they don't consider Christian nationalism a threat at all, but only 24 percent of Democrats agreed with that. Most Democrats saw it as a problem, with 63 percent saying they perceive Christian nationalism as a serious or important threat.

Commenting on these results, AU President and CEO Rachel Laser told the Morning Consult that Christian nationalism is a problem because it fosters "efforts to restrict the space for religious pluralism in the country and give special privileges to a narrow segment of white Christians in America."

She added, "There is a strong movement to preserve white Christian power in America right...

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