NDTA--the tie that binds.

Author:Wykle, Ken
Position:PRESIDENT'S CORNER - National Defense Transportation Association - Calendar

This is our Almanac issue of the DTJ. It is the issue where we highlight NDTA as the tie that binds the government and industry together in the pursuit of common interest. The Almanac is a directory of the key Government organizations involved in logistics, transportation, and security. It also includes key information pertaining to our corporate members, NDTA Chapters, and Board of Directors. I keep it on my desk as a reference and use it frequently. It contains the names, contact information, and descriptions of the major military and government organizations with which our members do business. The next section is the corporate member honor roll. It is a complete listing of our corporate members, key individuals within the companies, and a short description of their business. When you are seeking a particular type of service, always start with this section. Member companies offer a wide range of transportation, logistics, distribution, travel, and related services, and they are eager to share knowledge with fellow members. The Almanac is also a good reference source when seeking team members in response to a government or industry request for proposal. The last section provides a directory of the NDTA Board of Directors, National Officers, the NDTA Regional Organization and NDTA profile. I find this section especially useful when seeking a point of contact in a specific geographical area or various types of NDTA metrics--number of individual members, corporate membership statistics, or Forum trends. Familiarize yourself with the contents of this issue and retain it as a quick reference document.


This edition of the DTJ also provides a wrap up of the January 26-28 NOLSC/NDTA (Naval Operational Logistics Support Center) Education and Training Symposium. Some of you may remember this as the NAVTRANS conference. About 4 years ago, the Navy "merged" their transportation, ordnance, supply, and petroleum activities into one organization--NOLSC. This is the first of what we anticipate will be an annual NOLSC/NDTA Symposium since the "merger." By all accounts, it was a great event. There were 400+ attendees, outstanding key note...

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