NDTA's Passenger Travel Services Committee: Forward Focused.

Author:Lo, Sharon

During the 2018 GovTravels Meeting, Ms. Tina Grace, Senior Director, Marketing - Public Sector at Concur Technologies, was installed as the new Chairperson of NDTA's Passenger Travel Services Committee (PTSC). To find out what we can expect to see for the Committee under its new leadership, we sat down with Ms. Grace for a chat. Here's what she had to say:

My goal is to reinvigorate the Committee. To bring together the right people--a mixture of new experts and current committee members--to redefine what this committee is capable of doing to assist government in making smart technology and best practices use in travel and travel spend management.

The Committee has elements that are very effective and working well, and the government likes the topics that they have tackled. But I want to explore how to increase our reputation as a resource for government. A resource to get help understanding challenges, perform market research or seek advice for growing their managed travel programs. Everybody knows the PTSC exists, but it doesn't quite have that traction as the advocate and partner to government that I think it could.

Along with that I want to expand our reach. All of the challenges that DTMO [the Defense Travel Management Office] struggles with are challenges that GSA [the General Services Administration] struggles with, that state and local governments struggle with, that government contractors and even education space within the public sector side struggle with--they all have policy and compliance issues, fluid programs where rapid responses are essential, and they all have to figure out how to deal with disruptive technologies that can have major impacts on their managed travel programs.

There's so much commonality across the travel space, but because NDTA is predominantly a defense transportation organization, the Committee's relationship was primarily with DTMO until GovTravels was launched. But even with GovTravels, our main focus has still been on DTMO and not bringing in other audiences in to serve, to get their expertise and to understand challenges that impact them.

Committee membership is comprised of the supplier channels--the car rental companies, hotels, and airlines. But we also have a government contracting base that is interested in regulations that change or are fluid within government. As a partner to government, they have a vested interest to make sure they are following all rules, regulations and policy requirements.


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