NDTA and Social Media.

Author:Edwards, Col Denny

"The only constant in life is change" as the old saying goes, and nowhere does it apply more than communications in this electronic era. Just when we were getting used to computers, emails, and cell phones, along comes Twitter, You Tube, and Smart Phones--we have to be versed in texting, tweeting, and blogging just to keep up with the youngsters (and our competition!), and we have to maintain presence on Face-Book and LinkedIn in order to remain in the game. This is just a brief sampling of Social Media options. At last count, there are an estimated 500-plus social networking tools we can subscribe to, and the number is growing daily.


Numbers also abound when it comes to associations, where it seems that in Washington, DC, an organization exists for every industry, interest, or avocation. NDTA is even a member of an association for associations!

So where does NDTA fit into all of this? Actually, that's exactly what we want to ask--where does (or where should) NDTA fit in? We're serious: we need your input, your experience, your expertise. If you would like to be part of the effort to help decide NDTA's role, or especially if you are really into social networking and can lend your time or knowledge, let us hear from you. You can phone (703-751-5011), email (info@ndtahq.com), or tweet (http://twitter.com/ndtahq) your thoughts.

Your association is looking into various options to stay apace of fast changing technology. We are in exploratory talks with one of our corporate members to assess the feasibility of producing JAM sessions. Yes, that's taken right from the musical meaning of several musicians getting together and "collaborating" on new renditions of popular songs. As JAMing could apply to NDTA activities, the applications for receiving, categorizing, and...

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