NDIA schedule of events.

Position:2005 MEGA DIRECTORY - National Defense Industrial Association - Calendar


Department of the Navy Enterprise IT Industry Symposium (DoN-IT) New Orleans, La.

POC: Christy O'Hara @ 247-2586 Exhibits: Monica Glover @ (703) 247-2579 "Getting Down To Business--Working With the IT Industry to Achieve the DON Enterprise IT Portfolio" The Department of the Navy Enterprise IT Industry Symposium 2005 extends the dialogue between the Department of the Navy (DON) and the IT industry that is taking place as the DoN makes the transformation from a locally purchased and operated IT inventory to an enterprise IT portfolio that is acquired and managed centrally. This event builds upon successful IT Industry Symposiums in 2003 and 2004, but broadens the scope of the annual symposium to include all aspects of planning and budgeting for, and acquisition of, enterprise IT products, services, and capabilities for the DoN. The key objective of the 2005 Symposium is for the DoN to gain visibility into what industry has learned about making the "enterprise" real.


2005 Warheads and Ballistics Classified Symposium (Secret, U.S. Only) Monterey, Calif.

POC: Kimberly Williams @ (703) 247-2578 This symposium will provide and opportunity for researchers, developers, and program managers to exchange classified information on current work related to the advancement of the technology and application of ballistics and weapon systems. Topics include: innovations in bombs and warheads, interior, exterior, and terminal ballistics, weapons systems--lethality and effectiveness target vulnerability and modeling/simulation. This symposium is classified Secret--U.S. Only.


Configuration & Data Management (CDM) Certification Program Huntsville, Ala.

POC: Simone Baldwin @ (703) 247-2596 The focus is on configuration and data management in commercial, government and international applications. The examination is based on industry, government and international guidance standards which form the basis for current CDM processes. A recertification program also provides options for previously certified professionals.


Land & Maritime Supply Chains Business Conference and Exhibition (DSCC) Columbus, Ohio

POC: Emily Brown @ 703-9476 Exhibits: Amy Durkin @ (703) 247-2591

"Land & Maritime Supply Chains ... Building Relationships for Freedom."

The conference will explore initiatives designed to cultivate responsive, meaningful, and measured collaborative relationship with Defense Supply Center Columbus supply chain partners and the military customer requirements. A tour of the DSCC will be conducted as well as presentation of the DSCC Recognition for Excellence Awards.



Joint Undersea Warfare Technology Fall Conference (Secret, U.S. Only) Groton, Conn.

POC: Kimberly Williams @ (703) 247-2578 This conference will feature presentations addressing critical undersea warfare policy and technological issues from high-level naval officers and government officials and researchers from naval, industrial, academic and other governmental laboratories. The conference opens with a day snd a half long plenary session featuring the senior naval leadership discussing the maintenance of USW superiority. The remainder of the conference will address the technical aspects on aviation USW, C41 & combat systems, and undersea sensors and vehicles. This meeting is classified--"Secret--U.S. Only." The classified format permits disclosure of details essential to more fully understand the complexity of issues facing the USW community.


Defense Systems Acquisition Management Course New Orleans, La.

POC: Phyllis Edmonson @ (703) 247-2577 The Defense Systems Acquisition Management Course meets the needs of the defense industry acquisition managers in today's dynamic environment, providing the latest information related to acquisition policy, reform initiatives, procedures and processes. Taught by the Defense Systems Management College (DSMC), the course uses the same acquisition policy information provided to Defense Department students who attend DSMC courses for formal acquisition certification. Students are industry program managers, assistant program managers, system engineers, industry personnel serving on DoD Integrated Product Teams.


2005 Combat Vehicles Conference Fort Knox, Ky.

POC: Angie DeKleine @ (703) 247-2599 Our nation's ground forces have been hard at work. The lessons learned from ground combat in the deserts of Iraq will have a profound effect on the way the Army and the Marine Corps continue their tailoring of 21st Century war fighting. This conference will address issues with various panel discussions and key presentation.


Space Policy and Architecture Symposium Washington, D.C.

POC: Phyllis Edmonson @ (703) 247-2577 The National Defense Industrial Association's (NDIA) Space Policy & Architecture Symposium provides a forum for government and industry stakeholders to discuss, debate, and develop current and future directions for National Security Space. NDIA is sponsoring the Symposium with support from the Undersecretary of the Air Force and Director of the National Reconnaissance Office. The theme of this year's symposium is "Space Challenges?" The agenda provides opportunities to hear prominent officials give their views on the how these challenges are being supported by the military and Intelligence Community. Representatives from the Office of the Secretary of Defense, unified combatant command, and Service space components will discuss the current challenges for a National Security Space Strategy.


Disruptive Technology Conference Arlington, Va.

POC: Britt Bommelje @ (703) 247-2587 This conference will provide a forum for the interchange of ideas among government and industry program managers, systems engineers, chief scientists, engineers and managers who are subject matter experts in specific areas of science and technology that possess the greatest potential for near and mid term impact upon operational forces. Sought-after disruptive technologies that possess the greatest clarion call for contradicting or leveraging adverse effects upon U.S. warfighter intentions to include "What are the COTS technologies being developed by industry that might cause the Defense Department to rethink the way we fight?" Accordingly, the conference will provide the opportunity to shape policy, RDT&E priorities as well as operational tactics, techniques and procedures.



8th Annual Systems Engineering Conference San Diego, Calif.

POC: Veronica Allen @ (703) 247-2570 This conference has grown in stature as it focuses on systems engineering and its emphasis in the acquisition...

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