8001 Technology Boulevard, Dayton, OH 45424

Tel: +1 937 233 9935

Web: www.ndc.com

NDC" Technologies is .a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions. NDC' leads the way for Industry 4.0 with data integration and direct connectivity down to the gauge level. Our solutions measure coat weight, coating thickness, lamination layers, moisture, thickness, length and speed, and perform web surface inspection. Manufacturers benefit by improving product quality, increasing productivity and realizing production savings.

Measurement Technologies

* NIR (Near Infrared) reflectance and transmission

* Beta transmission

* Gamma backscatter

* X-Ray transmission and backscatter

* Optical thickness measurement

* Optical web surface inspection

* Laser measurement

New Products

NDC's new Web Surface Inspection Systems (engineered by R.A.M.) provide 100% product coverage, enabling manufacturers to achieve zero defects. Instantly detect, classify, document and record all optical defects across a broad scope of web materials.

The new Low Energy X-Ray Sensor is ideally suited for thickness and basis weight measurements of light weight...

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