NCCI Announces 2021 Workers Compensation Performance Metrics.


The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) released its performance metrics for the US workers compensation system for 2021. Private carrier plus state fund net written premium increased about 1% to $43 billion in 2021 (private carrier premium alone was $38B). Private carriers again posted a profitable Calendar Year 2021 combined ratio of 87. It is the fifth consecutive year with a combined ratio below 90 for the workers compensation insurance market and the eighth consecutive year of underwriting profitability.

"The strength and resilience of the workers compensation system is a point of pride for all stakeholders," said Bill Donnell, President and CEO of NCCI. "As the workforce and workplaces are changing, the industry must step up again to fulfill its noble responsibility: helping injured workers."

"Strong employment and significant wage growth are fueling workers...

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