Navy Developing Underwater Robotic Arm.

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* The Office of Naval Research awarded [re.sup.2] Robotics a $2.5 million contract to continue to develop an underwater robotic arm.

The program--known as the dexterous maritime manipulations system, or DM2S--will assist the Navy's explosive ordnance disposal personnel as they encounter waterborne improvised explosive devices.

"This effort is going to be focused on testing our electromechanical underwater arms, learning from and working with the users to get feedback to make sure we are developing what is truly needed," said Jorgen Pedersen, president and CEO of the company.

The goal of DM2S is to keep individuals out of harm's way and allow the system to perform dangerous assignments, such as disposing of underwater mines, he said.

The robotic arms are developed as attachments to existing platforms.

"Although it is very capable, you can view it as an accessory," Pedersen said. "You can bolt it on and it attaches. Now, some integration is required within the platform provider, but the interface is very...

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