Green and global: Tooling & Production to navigate exciting new course for 2009 and beyond with the big story for big plants.

Author:Seeds, Dennis G.
Position:Larger margin

We are living in a globalized world economy. To prosper, your company has to be there. You have to broaden your strategic planning--and your message. China, India, Brazil, Japan, and Southeast Asia are now the markets you have to be in.

Tooling & Production is more than aware of the changes taking place and is ready to help you stay ahead of the global playing field. You are seeing a new Tooling & Production. Our pages look cleaner, more airy, and are easier on the eyes. As our 75th year unfolds, we want readers to see that we have updated our design, but we still focus on large plants with high throughput and high volume. In fact, we've tweaked our catch phrase to "Strategies for Large Metalworking Plants."

Tooling & Production was founded in 1934 as Progress of the Special Tool, Die and Machine Shop Industry. After a stint as the Tool and Die Journal, we adopted our current name in 1951.

In 2009, our e-newsletters will be sent twice a month. Our magazine will be published every two months, and an electronic version will be sent to subscribers. We are "Going Green, Going...

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