National Science Foundation



4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22230

Phone, 703-292-5111. Internet,

National Science Board

Chairman Eamon M. Kelly

Vice Chairman Anita K. Jones

Members Barry C. Barish, Steven C. Beering, Ray M. Bowen, Delores M. Etter, Nina V. Fedoroff, Pamela A. Ferguson, Kenneth M. Ford, Daniel E. Hastings, Elizabeth Hoffman, George M. Langford, Jane Lubchenco, Joseph A. Miller, Jr., Diana S. Natalicio, Douglas D. Randall, Robert C. Richardson, Michael G. Rossmann, Maxine L. Savitz, Luis Sequeria, Daniel Simberloff, JoAnne Vasquez, Warren M. Washington, John A. White, Mark S. Wrighton

(Ex officio) Rita R. Colwell

Executive Officer Marta C. Cehelsky

Inspector General Christine C. Boesz


Director Rita R. Colwell

Deputy Director Joseph Bordogna

Assistant Director for Biological Mary E. Clutter


Assistant Director for Computer and Peter A. Freeman

Information Science and Engineering

Assistant Director for Education and Judith Ramaley

Human Resources

Assistant Director for Engineering Esin Gulari, Acting

Assistant Director for Geosciences Margaret S. Leinein

Assistant Director for Mathematical John B. Hunt, Acting

and Physical Sciences

Assistant Director for Social, Norman M. Bradburn

Behavioral, and Economic Sciences

Chief Financial Officer and Thomas N. Cooley

Director, Office of Budget, Finance, and Award Management

Director, Office of Information and Anthony Arnolie

Resource Management

Director, Office of Integrative Nathaniel G. Pitts


Director, Office of Legislative and Curtis B. Suplee

Public Affairs

Director, Office of Polar Programs Karl A. Erb

General Counsel Lawrence Rudolph


The National Science Foundation promotes the progress of science and engineering through the support of research and education programs. Its major emphasis is on high-quality, merit-selected research--the search for improved understanding of the fundamental laws of nature upon which our future well-being as a nation depends. Its educational programs are aimed at ensuring increased understanding of science and engineering at all educational levels, maintaining an adequate supply of scientists, engineers, and science educators to meet our country's needs.


The National Science Foundation is an independent agency created by the National Science Foundation Act of 1950, as amended (42 U.S.C. 1861-


The purposes of the Foundation are to increase the Nation's base of scientific and engineering knowledge and strengthen its ability to conduct research in all areas of science and engineering; to develop and help implement science and engineering education programs that can better prepare the Nation for meeting the challenges of the future; and to promote international cooperation through science and engineering. In its role as a leading Federal supporter of science and engineering, the agency also has an important role in national policy planning.

The Director and the Deputy...

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