Republican national convention.

Author:Hubbard, Sarah

Day 1 - Saturday, August 30

Everyone is on hurricane watch and the GOP convention organizers begin to change the mood and pace of the convention to respect Mother Nature. Gustav is looming!

The Michigan delegation met up at a special welcoming party (the first of many). Later, I joined legislators and staffers to watch the MSU vs. Cal football game (MSU lost).

Day 2 - Sunday, August 31

Wow! The mood is subdued. This is my third GOP national convention, and the hurricane has really quieted the crowd. The Michigan delegation met for brunch at a Minneapolis jazz club. Congressman Mike Rogers gave us an update on his top issues in Congress. Congressman Pete Hoekstra and several state legislators were also in attendance.

Day 3 - Monday, September 1

The announcement of VP choice Sarah Palin is still reverberating around the attendees - but so is the bombshell that her young daughter is pregnant. Everyone is asking "what effect do you think this will have?" My answer: none. Palin is a mom with a big family and typical family issues.



Of course, everyone also wants to know what's going on in Detroit with the mayor.

Day 4 - Tuesday, September 2

The convention activities are back in full swing now that New Orleans seems to be recovering from Gustav.

First Lady Laura Bush joined the Michigan delegation...

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