National Capital Planning Commission



401 Ninth Street NW., Suite 500, Washington, DC 20576

Phone, 202-482-7200. Internet,

Chairman John V. Cogbill III

Vice Chairman Patricia Elwood

Members Arrington Dixon, Jose L. Galvez III,


Ex Officio:

(Secretary of the Interior) Gale A. Norton

(Secretary of Defense) Donald H. Rumsfeld

(Administrator of General Services) Stephen A. Perry

(Chairman, Senate Committee on Susan M. Collins

Governmental Affairs)

(Chairman, House Committee on Tom Davis

Government Reform)

(Mayor of the District of Columbia) Anthony A. Williams

(Chairman, Council of the District Linda W. Cropp

of Columbia)


Executive Director Patricia E. Gallagher

Deputy Executive Director Marcel C. Acosta

Executive Officer Barry S. Socks

Administrative Officer (vacancy)

Director, Planning Research and Julia A. Koster

Policy Division

Director, Plan and Project William G. Dowd

Implementation Division

Director, Urban Design and Plan Christine Saum

Review Division

Director, Technology Development and Michael Sherman

Applications Support

General Counsel and Congressional Wayne Costa



Director, Office of Public Affairs Lisa N. MacSpadden

Secretariat Deborah B. Young


The National Capital Planning Commission is the central agency for conducting planningand developmentactivities for Federal landsand facilities in the National Capital Region. The region includes the District of Columbia and all land areas within the boundaries of Montgomery and Prince George's Counties in Maryland and Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, and Arlington Counties and the city of Alexandria in Virginia.

The National Capital Planning Commission was established as a park planning agency by act of June 6, 1924, as amended (40 U.S.C. 71 et seq.). Two years later its role was expanded to include comprehensive planning. In 1952, under the National Capital Planning Act, the Commission was designated the central planning agency for the...

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