National Aeronautics and Space Administration



300 E Street SW., Washington, DC 20546

Phone, 202-358-0000. Internet,

Administrator Sean O'Keefe

Deputy Administrator Frederick D. Gregory

Chief of Staff/White House Liaison John D. Schumacher

Associate Deputy Administrator for Institutions James L. Jennings

and Asset Management

Associate Deputy Administrator for Technical Michael A. Greenfield


Chief Engineer Theron M. Bradley, Jr.

Program Executive Officer for Integrated Patrick A. Ciganer

Financial Management

Chief Scientist John M. Grunsfeld

Chief Financial Officer Gwendolyn Brown

Deputy Chief Financial Officer for John M. Blair, Acting

Financial Management

Deputy Chief Financial Officer for Steve Isakowitz

Resources (Comptroller)

Senior Historian Steven J. Dick

General Counsel Paul G. Pastorek

Deputy General Counsel Robert M. Stephens

Staff Director, NASA Advisory Council David Lengyl

Associate Administrator for Aeronautics J. Victor Lebacqz

Deputy Associate Administrator (vacancy)

Associate Administrator for Earth Science Ghassem R. Asrar

Deputy Associate Administrator Michael L. Luther


Deputy Associate Administrator Mary L. Cleave

(Advanced Planning)

Associate Administrator, Office of Education Adena Williams Loston

Deputy Associate Administrator Barbara Fuller Cherry

Deputy Associate Administrator for Clifford Houston

Education Programs

Assistant Administrator for Equal Opportunity Dorothy Hayden-Watkins


Deputy Assistant Administrator (vacancy)

Assistant Administrator for External Relations Michael F. O'Brien

Deputy Assistant Administrator Albert Condes

Deputy Assistant Administrator Joseph R. Wood


Chief Information Officer Patricia L. Dunnington

Chief Health and Medical Officer Richard Williams

Director for Headquarters Operations James J. Frelk

Assistant Administrator for Human Resources Vicki A. Novak

Assistant Administrator for Legislative Affairs D. Lee Forsgren

Deputy Assistant Administrator Mary D. Kerwin

Associate Administrator for Biological and Mary E. Kicza

Physical Research

Deputy Associate Administrator (vacancy)


Deputy Associate Administrator Howard E. Ross, Acting


Assistant Administrator for Institutional and Jeffrey E. Sutton

Corporate Management

Deputy Assistant Administrator for Olga M. Dominguez

Insitutional and Corporate Management

Assistant Administrator for Procurement Thomas S. Luedtke

Assistant Administrator for Public Affairs Glenn Mahone

Deputy Assistant Administrator Dean Acosta

Assistant Administrator for Small and Ralph C. Thomas III

Disadvantaged Business Utilization

Associate Administrator for Space Flight William F. Readdy

Deputy Associate Administrator Lynn F.H. Cline

(Space Flight)

Deputy Associate Administrator for Michael C. Kostelnik

International Space Station and Space Shuttle Programs

Assistant Associate Administrator Albert DiMarcantonio

for Interagency Enterprise

Assistant Associate Administrator Jeffrey Davis

for Crew Health and Safety

Assistant Associate Administrator Lynn F.H. Cline, for Policy and Plans Acting

Assistant Associate Administrator Robert E. Spearing

for Space Communications

Assistant Associate Administrator Tom E. Cremins, Acting

for Institutional Assets Management and Investments

Assistant Associate Administrator Karen S. Poniatowski

for Launch Services

Assistant Associate Administrator Garry L. Gaukler, for Business Management Acting

Integration Analysis

Associate Administrator for Space Science Edward J. Weiler

Deputy Associate Administrator Christopher J. Scolese

Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems Craig E. Steidle

Associate Administrator for Safety and Mission Bryan D. O'Connor


Deputy Associate Administrator James D. Lloyd

Inspector General Robert W. Cobb

Deputy Inspector General Thomas J. Howard

Assistant Inspector General for David M. Cushing


Assistant Inspector General for Lance G. Carrington


Counsel to the Inspector General Francis P. LaRocca

Assistant Administrator, Security Management and David A. Saleeba


Deputy Assistant Administrator, Clinton G. Herbert, Security Management and Jr.


Director, Security Management Division John Piasecky

NASA Centers

Director, Ames Research Center G. Scott Hubbard

Director, Dryden Flight Research Center Kevin L. Petersen

Director, John H. Glenn Research Center Julian Earls

Director, Goddard Space Flight Center Alphonso V. Diaz

Director, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Jefferson D. Howell, Jr.

Director, John F. Kennedy Space Center James W. Kennedy

Director, Langley Research Center Roy D. Bridges

Director, George C. Marshall Space Flight Center David A. King

Director, John C. Stennis Space Center Thomas Q. Donaldson

Director, Jet...

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