NASCCA continues member outreach and engagement through regional calls.

Author:Crayton, Christina
Position:Association news - National Association of State Child Care Administrators - Brief article

This past summer, NASCCA hosted a series of regional calls to connect members across federal regions to exchange knowledge, strengthen peer connections and identify strategies to assist states with implementing the new child care development block grant. Participants on the regional calls discussed emerging APHSA initiatives, including our new "Center" * platform and informed NASCCA's objectives for the remainder of 2016 into 2017. The affiliate's primary objectives are to advance NASCCA policy and practice initiatives (by informing sound policy development), support child and family well-being (through quality child care and early learning program); support emerging approaches such as Two-Generation efforts (that focus on building parental/caregiver skills and healthy child development), and continued implementation of the Child Care and Development Block Grant.

Visit the NASCCA website for additional information at http://www.aphsa. org/content/NASCCA/en/home.html.

* The National Collaborative for Integration of...

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