Author:Leslie, Jacqueline
Position:Brief article - Book review

Nappy by Charisse Camey-Nunes Illustrated by Ann Marie Williams Brand Nu Words, January 2006 $14, ISBN 0-974-81421-0

Nappy is not only a children's hair story, it is a book that tells of the distinct connections between black, female pioneers before, during and after slavery, and that they all had one thing in common besides their fearless attitudes and black skin--they all had "super-nappturally hair texture" Parents and readers will benefit from Nappy because it teaches young girls about "hair, history and heritage" which is nutrition for the soul in this age in which women and girls weave, perm and process their hair and seemingly disconnect themselves from their roots.

As if the story line were not enough, the author has included mini-biographies on black female pioneers at the back of the book. Without a doubt...

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