Namibia has electric power shortage.

Namibia is worried that its electric grid may not be able to supply enough electricity to sustain the country's growth. Demand is growing and generation capacity has not kept up. The managing director of Namibia's state owned power company was quoted in a December 13, 2005 story that appeared in the New Era (Windhoek) as saying that in order to meet demand Namibia needed to import power from neighboring countries.

Demand for power has grown between 3 percent and 5 percent over the past few years. Several power plants are planned and one 800 megawatt facility is expected to come on line in 2010.

Only 34 percent of Namibia's households overall are connected to the electric grid. The difference between rural and urban households is dramatic. In Namibia's major urban centers the percentage of households connected to the grid is 94.6 percent. In smaller cities the percentage of households connected is 72.3 percent.

By contrast, the percentage of rural households is 6.1 percent.

Namibia's electrification statistics were developed by a July 2005 survey conducted and published by the Namibian Economic Policy Research Institute (NEPRU).

One of the more interesting facts to emerge from the study was...

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