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NOTE: Separate listings of Senators and Representatives can be found beginning on pages 32 and 34, respectively. Any other references to said persons can be found in this index.


Aall, Pamela--">580

Aaneson, Charles R.--">545

Abbenhaus, Colleen--">330

Abbey, George W.S.--">452

Abbott, Alden F.--">133

Abbott, Ernie--">413

Abdellah, Faye G.--">207

Abelson, Donald--">402

Abraham, Katharine G.--">284

Abrahams, Robert--">142

Abrams, John N.--">174

Accetta, Robert--">489

Acheson, Eleanor D.--">267

Achor, Amy C.--">382

Ackerman, Ken--">107

Ackerman, Michael W.--">173

Adams, Audrey--">347

Adams, Charlotte M.--">311

Adams, Jack--">349

Adams, Millie B.--">71

Adams, Roger C.--">268

Adamson, Jimmy--">370

Adamson, Terrence B.--">578

Adkins, Charles--">291

Adler, Mary K.--">251

Afridi, Samir--">91

Agnello, Gino J.--">71

Agnos, Arthur C.--">249

Aguayo, Victoria E.--">476

Ahearn, Richard L.--">476

Ahl, Alwynelle S.--">108

Ahmed, Susan--">380

Ahn, Kathleen--">91

AhNee, Robert D.--">350

Albertson, Johnnie--">524

Albinson, Scott M.--">342

Albright, John C.--">149

Albright, Madeleine K.--">94,">296

Albritton, Daniel L.--">148

Alcalde, Nelson B.--">446

Alcorn, Brian--">91

Aldrich, Dorrie Y.--">311

Alexander, Geneva--">347

Alexander, Jane--">193

Alexander, Lavan--">531

Alexander, Leslie M.--">303

Alger, Jeffrey--">365

Alito, Samuel A., Jr.--">70

Allen, Melissa J.--">308

Allen, Rae N.--">465

Allen, Thad W.--">319

Allgeier, Peter--">104

Allison, G.--">184

Alpern, Stephen E.--">448

Alsobrook, David E.--">460

Alt, Frederick T.--">441

Alvarado, Alberto--">532

Alvarez, Aida--">523

Amberg-Blyskal, Pat--">368

Ambro, Thomas L.--">70

Amerault, J.F.--">183

Ames, Fred L.--">309

Amn, Ted--">143

Anand, Rajen S.--">107

Andary, Robert G.--">51

Anders, Glenn--">545

Andersen, Matt--">142

Anderson, Alma--">396

Anderson, Barry B.--">61

Anderson, Bernard E.--">284

Anderson, Carl A.--">546

Anderson, Charles--">531

Anderson, David T.--">245

Anderson, Dean W.--">567

Anderson, Denise--">395

Anderson, Dennis--">405

Anderson, Edward G...

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