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NOTE: Separate listings of Senators and Representatives can be found beginning on pages 32 and 34, respectively. Any other references to said persons can be found in this index.


Aall, Pamela--">576

Abbenhaus, Colleen--">327

Abbott, Alden F.--">131

Abbott, Ernie--">408

Abbott, Terry--">207

Abdellah, Faye G.--">205

Abell, Charles S.--">155

Abelson, Donald--">397

Abizaid, John P.--">156

Abraham, Katharine G.--">281

Abraham, Spencer--">214

Abrahams, Robert--">141

Abrams, John N.--">173

Achor, Amy C.--">378

Ackerman, Michael W.--">172

Adair, Joseph--">363

Adams, Audrey--">344

Adams, Charlotte M.--">308

Adams, Jack--">346

Adams, Millie B.--">72

Adams, Roger C.--">264

Adams, Susan--">43

Adams, Timothy--">333

Adamson, Edgar A.--">264

Adamson, Jimmy--">366

Adamson, Terrence B.--">574

Addington, David--">91

Adkins, Charles--">288

Adkins, Patricia--">375

Adler, Mary K.--">247

Agnello, Gino J.--">71

Agnew, Ann--">222

Agnos, Arthur C.--">245

Aguayo, Victoria E.--">472

Ahearn, Richard L.--">472

Ahern, Jason--">343

Ahmed, Susan--">376

Albertson, Johnnie--">520

Albinson, Scott M.--">338

Albritton, Daniel L.--">146

Alcalde, Nelson B.--">441

Aldonas, Grant D.--">132

Aldrich, Dorrie Y.--">308

Aldridge, Edward C., Jr.--">154

Alexander, Duane F.--">227

Alexander, Geneva--">343

Alexander, Jane--">192

Alexander, Lavan--">528

Alger, Jeffrey--">362

Alito, Samuel A., Jr.--">70

Allbaugh, Joe M.--">408

Allen, Claude A.--">222,">370

Allen, Melissa J.--">305

Allen, Rae N.--">462

Allen, Thad W.--">316

Allgeier, Peter F.--">102

Almaguer, Frank--">301

Alsobrook, David E.--">456

Alsop, James--">105

Alston, Carolyn--">436

Altenhofen, Jane E.--">471

Alvarado, Alberto--">529

Amberg-Blyskal, Pat--">364

Ambro, Thomas L.--">70

Amerault, J.F.--">182

Ames, Fred L.--">306

Amn, Ted--">141

Andary, Robert G.--">51

Andberg, Jennifer--">132

Anders, Glenn--">542

Andersen, Matt--">140

Anderson, Barry B.--">62

Anderson, Charles--">527

Anderson, David T.--">241

Anderson, Dean W.--">563

Anderson, Dennis--">400

Anderson, Frank J...

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