N.Y. Agencies Will Spring Blanket DWI Patrols Statewide 'Soon'; Seen As Effective Deterrent.


ALBANY, N.Y. -- A state-wide blanket DWI patrol which will begin "soon" has been announced by Pat Adduci, commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles and chairman of the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee.

Ms. Adduci, who said this will be the first such patrol ever conducted in the nation, used the word "soon" as the time frame, because of the unwillingness to identify any specific date.

In addition to this being a project of the Governor's Safety Committee, the Division of Criminal Justice Service, is co-sponsor.

Commissioner Adduci said that "through the cooperation of state, federal and local governments, and law enforcement agencies across New York, there will be an unprecedented state wide DWI patrol in the near future," She said that the exact date of this pioneering effort against impaired and intoxicated driving will be announced just before it occurs."

Director of Criminal Justice Richard Girgenti, perhaps paraphrasing the ad line used to announce motion pictures "coming soon to a theatre near you." subtituted "highway" for theatre. He said that "regional blanket DWI patrols in New York State have proven an effective deterrent to driving under the influence, and a lesson to those who refuse to heed it. Now Girgenti said, "it's going to happen throughout the state on a single night."

The Division of Criminal Hustice Services (DCIS) is coordinating the initiative under "Project Zero" (Zone Enforcement Reduction Operation), which has coordinated several regional patrols throughout the state.

"Impaired driving is a choice--the wrong choice," said State Police Superitendent James W. McMahon. "During under the influence of alcohol or other drugs kills more than 500 motorist in New York each year, and injuries thousands of others. There is nothing more serious than lost life and broken dreams. We support this cooperative statewide enforcement effort."

Commissioner Adduci explained that Project ZERO is funded in part by a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation secured by the...

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