Myrna Soto always one step ahead: one of the most influential technology Latinos in 2014.

Author:Moreno, Eric

Myrna Soto is the Senior Vice President & Global Chief Information Security Officer for Comcast Corporate. A native of Miami and South Florida, Soto attended Florida International University and Nova Southeastern University, she is responsible for aligning security initiatives with the business objectives of Comcast to ensure that assets and technology are protected throughout the organization.

Soto works the technology and security teams across the organization to develop cyber security, network/infrastructure security, data security strategies, operational efficacy of security programs, policies, and technology risk management. Soto has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the 2015 CSO Compass Award and was named Information Security Executive of the Year in 2013 by ISE.

CNET also named her one of the top 20 Most Influential Technology Latinos in 2014 and is also an Executive Management Committee Board Member (Vice President) of HITEC (Hispanic IT Executive Council) and a member of the Board of Directors for CMS Energy & Consumers Energy.

"I started my career outside of technology, but quickly became interested in the use of automation and technology to generate better business results," Soto explained. "I entered the technology field as a result of several business/technology projects that yielded great success. My real introduction into running and being dedicated to security came at the request of one of my bosses. At the time there was a need to have a strong business leader take over the security practice for this company."

At the time the move for Soto, who has been with Comcast now for over six years, at the time seemed to be a step backwards in her career. However, due to her hard work and dedication, it turned into one of the best decisions she could have made.

"Comcast was going through a transformational change to become less of a Hardware/Cable Company into a true Technology and Media organization," she said. "At the time the company did not have a Chief Information Security Officer and was interested in placing someone in that role to help the company navigate the landscape of cyber-security and what was on the horizon. I have to admit the company was well ahead of their time as back in 2009 they were making...

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