My Journey to NDTA HQ.

AuthorHackmann, Lucas
PositionNDTA NEWS - Column

As someone who had not traveled much outside of the US, I wanted to experience the diverse cultures and civilizations that encompass the world we live in. Being a student in my sophomore year at Western Kentucky University, it was an opportune time to do so. Unlike other study abroad courses, I chose a program that equipped me with the opportunity to do this. Semester at Sea, a non-profit organization, offers a truly global experience each fall and spring. The Voyages on the MV World Odyssey are 100+ days, explore the world, and allow students to earn 12-15 academic credits from Colorado State University. On my four-month adventure, I studied and sailed across three oceans, stepped on four continents, visited 16 countries, saw 30+ cities, totaled 22,806 nautical miles, and connected with more people around the world than most will meet in their lifetime.

I wanted to be in a setting where I could connect genuinely with people while disconnecting from the technological distractions that consume the lives of many millennials, including myself. As we disconnected, I found time to reflect on the massive undertaking it must involve to supply or resupply the floating city I was on. While eating lunch one afternoon, I pondered to myself how all of this food, water, medical...

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