Murphy Family Ventures held its 10th annual Hope For The Warriors Invitational at River Landing Country Club in August, raising nearly $250,000 this year for the non-profit organization headquartered in Northern Virginia.

This is just one of the ways Murphy Family Ventures, along with its Village at River Landing community and golf course, is able to give back and make a lasting impact as a family-owned business, according to Marketing Manager Meredith Home.

The business began as a small farm in Rose Hill, in 1962 when it was founded by Wendell Murphy, who has also served as a member of both the NC House of Representatives and the State Senate. It started as a custom milling operation servicing local farmers with its livestock feed needs, but Murphy later expanded his operations into a contract hog production operation that grew to the largest in the nation. The business was sold in 2000 to Smithfield Foods and in 2004, Wendell's son Dell started Murphy Family Ventures.

Today Murphy Family Ventures is a management company based in Wallace, just down the road from their original farm. The company manages both poultry and hog farms in North Carolina and Missouri, as well as other companies such as 1-800-PACK-RAT, Albemarle Boats, Bill Carone Ford GMC Buick Chevrolet, River Landing, Mad Boar, Village Subs and more, including 60 business entities with over 1,000 employees.

There are three generations represented in the current business model, with...

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