Multimedia: how to make your point.

Author:Galbreath, Susan Coomer
Position:Business presentations

You're faced with making an important presentation to a client, your Ny boss or your board of directors. You could use an old-fashioned flip chart. Or, if you've got the time, you could even prepare photographic slides or acetate sheets and display them with an overhead projector in a dimly lit room. And, if you're very lucky, you'll make it through the presentation with only a few yawns from your audience.

But if you want your audience to sit up and take notice (and even be able to watch your presentation in a normally lit room so they can take notes), think multimedia--in full color and high-fidelity sound.

Multimedia is not tomorrow's technology; it's here today. It's not that hard to become quite proficient in creating multimedia presentations that will help you deliver a persuasive message with maximum impact and minimum effort. And, the multimedia software products on the market today are very affordable.


There are many presentation software packages on the market. They fall into three categories:

Advanced. Products that are loaded with features and are a little difficult to learn. The two leading packages in this category are Astound and Director.

Standard. Packages that include all the basic features plus enhancements and are moderately easy to learn. The category includes Freelance Graphics, Harvard Graphics, PowerPoint and Presentations.

Basic. Software that contains just the bare-bones utilities for the one-time user and is easy to learn. One such product is ASAP Word Power.

Exhibit 1, page 59, identifies vendor information for these products, and exhibit 2, page 60, rates each multimedia software package.

Exhibit 1: Multimedia Product Vendors Product/company Telephone Internet address MULTIMEDIA SOFTWARE ASAP Word Power 800-557-3743 Astound 888-4ASTOUND Director 800-326-2128 http://www.macromedia. com/spoftware/dms/ Freelance 800-343-5414 freelance/ Harvard Graphics 800-557-3743 Persuasion 800-521-1976 proindex/persuasion/ Powerpoint 800-397-8508 com/mspowerpoint/ Presentations 800-772-6735 products/wordperfect/ cp7/ PROJECTING SYSTEMS Ask LCD Inc. 800-275-5231 CTX 800-888-2012 Dukane Corp. 800-676-2485 none Epson 800-GO EPSON In Focus Systems 800-294-6400 Panasonic 800-726-2797 Polaroid Corp. 800-662-8337 Proxima Corp. 800-447-7692 Sharp Electronics Corp. 800-BE SHARP Sony 800-222-7669 CLIP ART Corel Corp. 800-772-6735 IMSI 415-257-3000 Nova Development Corp. 818-591-9600 http://www.novadevcorp. com Softkey Multimedia Inc. 800-227-5609 T/Market Co. 415-962-0195 REMOTE CONTROLS AND POINTERS Lyte Optronics 310-450-8551 Mind Path Technologies 800-736-6830 Varatouch Technologies 916-331-6300 SOUND SYSTEMS Bose Corp. 800-444-2673 none Gateway 2000 800-846-2000 Sony 800-352-7669 Yamaha 800-492-6242 SCANNERS AGFA 201-440-2500 Microtek 800-654-4160 flatbed.html Pacific Image Electronics 310-214-5281 UMAX 510-651-9488 scandir2.html Visioneer 800-787-7007 Exhibit 2: multimedia Software Packages Multimedia Software Presentaion Multimedia Output Development Capabilities Capabilities Astound Excellent Excellent Excellent Director Excellent Excellent Excellent Freelance Excellent Good Excellent Harvard Graphics Excellent Good Good Persuasion Very Good...

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