MULTILATINAS: Management with results.

Author:Ramirez, David
Position:Cover story

Nutresa, Fibria, ISA and Grana y Montero are multilatinas that have created success by applying different management methods, growth strategies, budget and debt policies, recruitment and talent retention practices, as well as risk and crisis management.

Early this year, Boston Consulting Group published Why the Multilatinas Hold the Key to Latin America's Economic Future,' which highlighted the contribution of the region's multinationals to its growth. LatinTrade has reviewed this and other international studies from global consultants that came to similar conclusions with a view to explaining why some multilatinas are performing better than others. For the current edition, we are focusing on the management styles of Nutresa, Fibria, ISA, and Grana y Montero

Guided by the firm hand of top-flight management, they have learned how to make the most of opportunities and overcome obstacles caused by regional and global volatility, as well as their own internal challenges.

As a food-based multilatina, Nutresa's management is characterized by prioritizing client knowledge. The company not only approaches this with all the technological tools at its command, but also with deep respect for the people and cultures of the countries where it operates. The strategy is the basis of its ultimate goal: brand strengthening.

Fibria, one of the world's largest pulp and paper producers, which is on the cusp of a merger with an old competitor, bases its management on a shared value model. The strategy has been distinguished by renowned economist and researcher Michael Porter, who uses it as a case study.

ISA, a company in which the state has a majority stake, has adopted a management style that prioritizes the human factor. This has helped it change from being Colombia's main transporter of energy to a multilatina in energy, telecommunications, and roads.

Grana y Montero continues to develop engineering and construction projects based on a formula that has emphasized service quality since its founding 85 years ago. The company is working to regain prestige after a recent reputational crisis.



Dedicated to food production for almost 100 years, Nutresa is probably the Colombian multilatina with the largest geographic diversity: it has plants in 14 Latin American countries and exports to 81 nations on five continents.

The company's central goal is to have strong brands, and management's strategy for achieving this is directed toward a profound understanding of its customers' preferences.

"We take the issue very seriously, and so we have created a robust structure of knowledge of our customers, buyers, and consumers," CEO Carlos Ignacio...

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