Multi-tasking and flexibility the key to success.

Position:The view from IMTS 2008

To Brian Papke, president of Mazak, IMTS serves as the best way for manufacturers to evaluate their productivity and find new ideas for improving operations.


"Not only can they find methods of cutting parts faster at IMTS, but they also can find ways to increase equipment utilization and improve throughput," says Papke. "Concepts such as multi-tasking, five-axis machines, automation, and groups of machines with robot integration will enhance a manufacturer's ability to compete in the global marketplace."

At Mazak's manufacturing operation in Florence, KY, Papke says his company can remain globally competitive as long as they can integrate concepts like Done-In-One, multi-tasking, Palletech, five-axis machines, together with Lean manufacturing.

"We just went through an analysis of the machines that we've recently introduced into our operations, similar to those we'll show at IMTS, and frankly we underestimated the productivity improvement," he says.

"The numbers are outstanding...

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