MEDSI, Russia's largest private national healthcare chain, and MTS, the country's biggest mobile operator, have launched SmartMed, a telemedicine platform offering digital medical services.

The platform is based on SPIRIT DSP's VideoMost software video conferencing server and mobile clients. MTS serves over 100 million mobile subscribers in Russia and across the other CIS states. MEDSI is the largest Russian private healthcare services provider, whose 2,000-plus medical doctors offer services to about 8 million people every year in its 40 clinics across the country.

Commenting on the launch of the telemedicine platform, MEDSI President Elena Brusilova noted that telemedicine makes high-quality medical care available to a wide range of patients, including those in remote regions, small towns and villages.

The SmartMed mobile app is now available in App Store and Google Play. SmartMed is an interactive telehealth app that enables patients to get a simple, secure video chat with MEDSI specialists and receive remote professional medical consultations from any place and at any time. The app makes it possible for patients' questions to be answered immediately in a real-time video chat that is powered by VideoMost SDK.

Such timely and professional consultations help reduce the risk of small health problems becoming major complications. SmartMed's database contains more than 30 different types of medical experts, ranging from general practitioners to specialists, such as pediatricians, therapists, allergists, otolaryngologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists and cardiologists amongst others.

An access to video consultations helps prevent diseases...

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