MPS strengthening its North American presence.

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Dutch printing press manufacturer MPS is strengthening its North American presence by expanding its sales, installation, service and assembly operations.

Denny McGee, president of MPS America LLC, and Kees Nijenhuis, vice president of North American operations, are leading the effort. McGee has been with MPS for more than nine years while Nijenhuis is moving to the United States front the Netherlands where he has been the manager of operations at the company's world headquarters in Didam. Eric Vandenberg, responsible for MPS sales in the western United States and Canada, is also a part of the North American team. MPS America LLC is headquartered in Brookfield, WI, USA.

"We've been in the North American market for several years and have developed some very strong relationships with printers," says McGee. "By implementing this strategic growth plan--which includes directives for enhancing sales, installation, service, assembly and consultative assistance--we will bring even more value to our customers.

"Our customers throughout the world have had great success with our high-tier presses--with outstanding ROI, superior printing, reduced waste and increased efficiencies. Our goal at MPS is to help our customers excel. We do this by listening closely to their needs and challenges, and then developing solutions that specifically address them. One example of the success of this approach is a recent installation of one of our presses at a South African printer that resulted in an increase in sales of 30 percent due to improved print quality. Our North American customers report comparable success stories with our presses," he adds.


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