Mowll, Joshua. Operation Red Jericho.

Author:Winship, Michele
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

MOWLL, Joshua. Operation Red Jericho. (The Guide Trilogy, Book One.) Candlewick Press. 288p. illus, c2005.0-7636-2634-1. $15.99. JS

Clever in both its conception and format, Mowll's first novel is sure to appeal to young readers with its interactive mystery plot. The premise is that the story came to the author via a legacy left to him by a great-aunt Rebecca. In examining her archives, he has uncovered documentation of a secret society, Operation Red Jericho, hidden for generations; his great-aunt and her brother Doug were involved in the society during the 1920s. The narrative follows the adventures of Rebecca and Doug as they are passed off to their Uncle Fitzroy MacKenzie, captain of the oceanographic research ship Expedient. Their parents have disappeared on a mysterious adventure, and Rebecca and Doug uncover secrets on the ship, including documents that hint of their parent's involvement in the Honourable Guild of Specialists and the real focus of the mission from which they disappeared.

The story takes the teens in and around...

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