Island Mountain Days: Discovering Nevada's Chinese Miners.

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Island Mountain Days: Discovering Nevada's Chinese Miners--60 minutes Produced by KLVX-Channel 10-Las Vegas Moderator: Sue Fawn Chung Session 2G Friday, 10:00-11:15 Sakura A

SYNOPSIS: Against the backdrop of virulent anti-Chinese movements, the small mining community of Island Mountain, in northeastern Nevada, developed from 1873 to 1917. About 75-80% of the town's population were Chinese who interacted in positive ways with European Americans and Native Americans. Emanuel Penrod founded the town and Ng Hong Lem ("China Lem") owned the merchandising store that served the residents in the region as well as travelers going between Boise, Idaho and Carlin or Elko, Nevada--major train stations. Photographs of the town were...

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