Leaders in motion--the DFAS intern program: this challenging program offers unparalleled opportunities in financial management leadership.

Author:Benoit, Diane

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) is considered one of the world's largest accounting and finance operations. To ensure that the organization continues its commitment to provide the best accounting and finance services to its customers--Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and various Department of Defense (DoD) agencies--DFAS hires highly educated individuals whose values align with those of the agency: integrity, innovation, and service.

DFAS Intern Program History

Prior to 2001 DFAS did not have a formal intern training program. The agency hired individuals to fill open positions, but there were no structured formal classes for those newly hired employees. In 2001 DFAS leadership established an intern program; however, it mostly was geared toward accountants. These new interns were called ELPAs and DELPAs (entry-level professional accountants and developmental entry-level professional accountants, respectively).

DFAS leadership soon realized that other disciplines within the agency could benefit from formal new employee training, so the program was expanded and a contest was held among the DFAS interns to develop a new name for the DFAS Intern Program. Leaders in Motion (LIM) was the name chosen to indentify DFAS' entry-level professional career ladder program.

The word leader represents both formal and informal leadership, such as leading oneself or being a team leader at work or in the community. The word motion represents the continual training activities, in which LIM associates are involved. These training activities include but are not limited to participating in rotational and/or developmental assignments, attending meetings with senior managers, interacting directly with customers, presenting formal briefings to management, participating in professional organizations and special projects, and visiting other DFAS sites.

What's the LIM Program Scope?

The LIM Program is more than just an intern program. It is DFAS' professional development track for college graduates designed to prepare each associate for future roles as a DFAS team member and leader. The program produces a pool of well-trained individuals who have great potential for success within the DFAS workforce. LIMs are enrolled in a 21/2-year extensive training program where they combine their college education with on-the-job training to build their technical and analytical skills.

The program gives each LIM associate the opportunity to contribute to one or...

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