More perspectives on mission.

Author:Billman, Kathleen D.

The essays in the June 2013 issue of Currents continue the theme of passion for God's mission in the world that has permeated recent issues of the journal.

In "Reading the Parables Theologically to Read Them Missionally," Jason S. Sexton contends that the parables display "a range of theological themes sufficient to highlight precisely how it is that a theological reading is tantamount to a missional reading of Scripture." Focusing in particular on Luke's gospel, Sexton illustrates his way of reading parables theologically/missionally by presenting five "rest cases" from the early Galilean parables in Luke.

Sheri D. Kling examines the text of the prologue to the Gospel of John for its deep resonances with the Wisdom tradition in the Old Testament, tracing how Wisdom/Sophia in the disguise of Word/Logos might have become associated with Jesus, who is God's Wisdom made flesh. The purpose of this inquiry is to suggest fruits that might come from a rediscovery of the Wisdom roots of Christianity that, when tapped more fully, hold transformational power.

What is the role of the Holy Spirit in Lutheran liturgy? Justin Eller discusses how the newest hymnal of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (Evangelical Lutheran Worship--ELW) manifests Luther's understanding of the action of the Holy Spirit in its pattern for worship: gathering, word, meal, and sending. Each of these movements offers a venue for exploring how...

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