More Benefits to Print Product.

Author:Wylie, John M., II
Position:Comments - Letter to the editor

A lovely tale but it misses the value of the print product. ("Business of News: Going Digital-Only," March 2019) It isn't easy to take a tablet to the bathroom. Paper newspapers are made for a short "sit-down" or a long relaxing massage bath. You can't instantly compare stories on multiple pages using a tablet or phone--the type isn't legible. Piece of cake with a print product. And if you live in an area with poor internet speed (yes, they exist in many places and the benefits generally outweigh the drawbacks), reading online takes forever. Besides, how many steps does it take to stick a news story for follow-up to the fridge with a magnet for a print paper vs. an online one? And finally, nobody has a record of...

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