Moore, Peter. Blind sighted.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position::Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Penguin Putnam, Viking, 262p. c2002. 0-670-03543-2. $16.99 S

A book about an unattractive teenager who has no friends always seems to be a hard sell. Kirk is 15, smart but a terrible student, awkward, short, with an unfortunate home life and no happiness anywhere--except with books, perhaps. He reads all the time and has a job at the library. A librarian arranges for Kirk to take over a job reading to a blind woman. Kirk at first assumes this is an elderly lady, so he is stunned to find out that a beautiful young woman who hardly even appears to be blind is his employer. Blind Sighted, the title, takes on at least several meanings: the young woman Callie is blind, yes, but she understands a great deal; Kirk is sighted, yes, but blind about so much in life. Kirk's mother is a rather inept single mother with a scheme to move to California and start a new life with a new man; in the middle of the story, she leaves Kirk alone to fend for himself, and pressures him to leave everything and join her and her new husband. This appeal comes just as Kirk has finally...

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