Montevideo strengthens its position as a regional hub.


As part of the strategy to position Uruguay as a regional logistics center, the Administracion Nacional de Puertos (ANP) is seeking to attract more cargo by implementing projects that will double the space devoted to operations at the port of Montevideo, making it possible to establish specialized terminals (chips, grains and fishing) in the future, as well as building logistics nodes inside the country connected by rail to the primary marine terminal.

"Punta de Sayago is a mid-term and priority project. The Port of Montevideo has a 100-hectare area in which to carry out operations and this project allows us to double the space. The idea is to attract companies that will use Uruguay to centralize their distribution to the region," said ANP President Alberto Diaz, an engineer. The port of Montevideo moves 12 million tons of cargo per year, more than half of it in transit to Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay or Bolivia, among other destinations. The terminal's cargo volume is growing over 20% per year.

Total investment in the Punta de Sayago project will exceed US$200 million, so private capital is needed.

"The ANP has begun to execute the first stage of the work, which represents an investment of US$5 million and will allow the first 10 hectares of the project to be ready for...

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