Position::Tony Vasquez and Stephen N. Zack

Ammar Campa-Najjar is a Mexican-Arab American citizen, born and raised in San Diego, California. From living in an embattled part of the Middle East, to returning to the U.S. on the eve of September 11, 2001, I've witnessed how destructive people can be in the name of their ideological differences. I've also witnessed how honorable people can be when united by their shared humanity. In 2012, I worked alongside hundreds of people who volunteered their labor and love in advocacy of a common objective: reelecting President Obama.

As Deputy Regional Field Director for the Obama campaign, I aided in overseeing Southern California's grassroots operations, with the primary responsibility of establishing a regional office headquarters in San Diego, CA.

I then served as a White House Intern in the Executive Office of the President. I reviewed hundreds of personal stories each day, some of them uplifting but many of them tragically heart breaking--struggles better left imagined than described. My time at the White House helped me further internalize the voice of the American people and the voice of the standard bearer of the Democratic Party.

Upon completing a fellowship program with the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), my work in correspondence and political messaging paid off, and I was soon hired on as Deputy Director of Communications. Today, I'm the association's Director of Communications.

I owe a debt of gratitude to those who've made my success possible. I came to D.C. to continue advocating for what we fought for in 2012: the ability to change the course of history by the power of our ideas, the boldness of our convictions, and the sincerity of our actions.

I'm honored to serve as an advocate for change by working for the USHCC. Serving the organization has enabled me to use my personal, cultural, academic, and professional background toward the important mission of advancing broad-based prosperity through an economy that works for everyone.


Latino Leaders was honored to have Tony Vasquez give the welcome remarks at the Los Angeles Maestro Awards this past September. A USC graduate, ex-teacher and community leader; Vasquez is the first Latino to ever serve as Mayor of Santa Monica. This is a historic moment as he will become the first Latino to ever serve in the position since the city was incorporated in...

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