Santa Monica Festival a global celebration.

Author:Richardson, Ricky

It was a beautiful day in Southern California as hundreds attended the 19th Annual Santa Monica Festival sponsored by the Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division, Community and Cultural Services Department, Arts Commission and Office of Sustainability and the Environment. This was a free, environmentally sustainable and culturally enriching festival to celebrate Mother's Day and Mother Earth. The festival, held on Saturday, May 8th in Clover Park, was a fun-filled day with eclectic music, dance and visual arts, food, information and shopping.


A nice breeze ensured that the festival was pleasant for all. However, things began to heat up with some passionate dances, energetic exercise routines and infectious Afro-Cuban sounds. Festival attendees are fortunate to go on a journey thru dance and music each year as part of the Santa Monica Festival. This year we travelled to Africa, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Spain.

People were wise to partake in the wonderful Caribbean food or any of the other mouthwatering cuisine set up on the site. One sure way to burn off the extra calories was dancing to the infectious sounds provided by following groups.

Clarita and Arte Flamenco Dance Theatre entertained the crowd with their colorful, exuberant and expressive dances of various regions of Spain. The group--led by "La Clara"--is a renowned touring dance company that performs rarely seen and reconstructed historical Spanish classical and regional folk dances and fiery, passionate flamenco. Visit for more information.

The crowd got a good workout with Zumba, the exercise craze that is sweeping across the world. Zumba trainer Wil-son Williams led the crowd in a fast paced 45-minute program of different routines. Zumba fuses Latin rhythms and hip-hop into easy exercise routines that are a total blast. You feel like you are at a party.

Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca is a popular, tight local group that kept the momentum...

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