6:00 am-7:00 am

Fitness Bootcamp

Don't leave your fitness routine at home! Join fellow Convention attendees for a fun workout providing unique exercises in a group setting. All levels of experience are welcome! The Fitnes Bootcamp is complimentary to the first 45 fully registered Convention attendees to sign up.

10:15 am-11:30 am

Monday Morning Learning Labs

Programming for breakout sessions are identified by area of focus, and content will be delivered in a variety of formats including panel discussions, case studies, and audience exercises.

Emerging Franchisor Track

Profitability and Success: Developing a Best-in-Class Program with Systems

(This session is most relevant to systems with 0 - 100 units.)

Profitability of the brand is a key to attracting targeted franchisees. Emerging franchisors have choices to make when structuring their brand to deliver the proper return on investment for both the franchisor and franchisee.

In this interactive format which will include audience participation and questions, we will explore:

* How to design, develop and support a modern franchise system that drives profitability.

* How to define the needs of the various classes of franchisees.

* What are the key learnings to support each class of franchisee in order to best leverage the brand's system resources to drive profitability?

* What are the best approaches to distinguish the franchise offering in marketing materials so that it will be attractive to the intended audience, and what methods are effective in creating a pipeline of potential franchisee candidates?

Field Support Track

Keeping Long-Term Franchisees Motivated and Engaged: What to Do When They Say "What Have You Done for Me Lately?" How to Make Year 20 as Exciting as Year 1!

(This session is most relevant to systems with 101+ units.)

Time doesn't heal all wounds...Sometimes it creates them. Discussions will center around motivating long-term franchisees in the following areas:

* Engaging mature franchisees who have mastered your system, are making money and feel that they no longer get "value" from the franchisor.

* Re-aligning with a franchisee that has outgrown the support provided by the franchisor; what happens when the franchisee feels they no longer need the franchisor? Learn to do and how to do it.

* Merger or acquisition with new leadership; seasoned leadership that may need revamping. Bring your concerns and your solutions!

  1. How Franchisors Can Attract Multi-Unit Franchisees to Their Brands

    (This session is most relevant to systems with 101+ units.)

    The type of franchisee every franchisor seems to want is a multi-unit franchisee. But how do franchisors attract these business savvy entrepreneurs? And where do experienced multi-unit franchisees seek out new brands? Is it online, in magazines, through personal experience with a brand, media coverage, trade shows, personal references--all of the above?

    What due diligence have multi-unit, multi-brand franchisees conducted prior to even reaching out to the franchisor? Brand power, strong C-Suite, profitable franchisees, satisfied customers, healthy FPRs, strength in...

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