Mobilizing Minds.

Author:Deisinger, Sue

Mobilizing Minds, by Lowell Bryan and Claudia Shelton, Book, 2007, McGraw-Hill, Inc., $29.95.

Mobilizing Minds: Creating Wealth from Talent in the 21st Century Organization is an argument about creating wealth from talent in the twenty-first century organization. The authors' opening statement summarizes their hypothesis: "We believe that the centerpiece of corporate strategy for most large companies should become the redesign of their organization."

The book is divided into several parts:

* A new organizational model

* Ideas for managing better

* Improving the flow of intangibles

* Motivating better behaviors

* Conclusion

A fictitious company is used throughout the book to illustrate the authors' points.

The authors support their premise with a great deal of detail. Unfortunately, it is all theory. As a reader and researcher, I would find Mobilizing Minds more credible if it were based on real life case examples rather than a fictional situation.

Though I agree that organization structure and talent management are important, the arguments in the book appear very theoretical and left me without a passion to implement the theory. In fact, I was...

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