Mobile app provides a personal financial management tool.

Position::NEW PRODUCTS - MoneyMobile app - Brief article

MONEYDESKTOP, PROVO, UTAH, has announced the launch of its MoneyMobile app. The app is designed to empower financial institutions to maintain their existing relationships with account holders and quickly add users and drive loan volume.

The app builds on MoneyDesktop's online banking tools. The app combines account aggregation capabilities, functional and aesthetically pleasing design and a back-end synching engine that immediately syncs financial information between devices to provide users with a more meaningful personal financial management (PFM) tool that "makes you want to reach out and touch your finances," says Bradley Leimer, vice president of online/mobile strategy at Mechanics Bank.

A new feature within the app is BubbleBudgets. The 111 typical PFM approaches budgets with bar charts that make it difficult to discern how much each category affects your overall budget. BubbleBudgets creates a...

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