Mlynowski, Sarah. Parties & potions.

Author:Scanlon, Donna
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

MLYNOWSKI, Sarah. Parties & potions. (Magic in Manhattan, Book 4.) Random House, Delacorte. 340p. c2008. 978-0-385-73645-9. $16.99. JS

In the fourth installment of the Magic in Manhattan series, sisters Rachel and Miri learn about a special coming-of-age ritual for young witches called the Samsorta. Miri wants to participate in the ceremony, and she talks Rachel into participating. Rachel is really more concerned with keeping her magical status a secret, especially from her boyfriend Raf, and with navigating the cliques and status situations of her high school. Complicating the situation is a new friend, Wendeline, another witch who has been home schooled until this year; Rachel tries to convince her to keep her magic under wraps. At first they enjoy the preparatory classes, but soon life becomes more complicated when they have to figure out how to keep their attendance at class a secret from Raf and from their father. Also, they feel torn between their new friends and adventures with them and their old life in New York. Ultimately, Rachel learns an...

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