Mitchell, Judith Claire. The last day of the war.

Author:Power, Penelope
Position:Young Adult Review - Book Review

MITCHELL, Judith Claire. The last day of the war. Random House, Anchor. 366p. bibliog. c2004. 0-385-72201-X. $14.00. SA

The fictional "Erinyes," an organization bent on avenging the Armenian genocide of 1915 and 1916, drives the plot of this lively love story. That romance is nearly always the background to events is all to the better. Yael Weiss meets the WW I soldier Dub Hagopian in the St. Louis library shortly after she has shoplifted a suit from a local department store. He has come from the East Coast to pick up illicit guns. The guns will be used by the Armenian organization to assassinate the Turkish murderers. The weapons are hidden behind a shelf of books and Yael nearly sabotages the whole secret exercise by flirting and teasing the anxious and inexperienced soldier/terrorist. Dub finally recovers the guns and leaves by train for the east and then to Europe. Yael is smitten and cannot get Dub out of her mind. Anyone who can wear a stolen suit out of a ladies department can figure out how to follow a soldier to France, and this Yael does by changing her name and age to join the YMCA as an overseas canteen worker. Once she gets to France she finds Dub in the huge crowd assembled to...

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