Mitchard, Jacquelyn. The midnight twins.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

MITCHARD, Jacquelyn. The midnight twins. Penguin, Razorbill. 235p. c2008. 978-1-59514-1606. $16.99. J S *

Mitchard knows exactly how to write captivating, slightly melodramatic stories, and here is another one, with certain YA appeal. It is the start of a series about twin girls with psychic connections, Mallory and Meredith (Mally and Merry). They were born at midnight; Merry first, and Mally minutes later, but in the next year--hence the "midnight twins." They now, at 13, are leading quite different lives--Merry, a cheerleader, tries to be popular, and has a crush on her friend's older brother David; Mally is more introspective, a soccer player, with at least one close friend, Drew, who is an older neighbor who understands her. That is the set up. The plot is riveting as the twins start having disturbing dreams and strange visions, foretelling danger, even death. The visions pull the twins together...

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