Missing: It's a Crime!(Letter to the editor)

I was pleased to see Charlie Huston featured in your July/Aug 2007 article on crime and mystery books. I'm 63 and really enjoy his Hank Thompson fast-paced thrillers--made even better by Huston's subtle brand of humor. I was introduced to Huston's work by my two sons, both in their 30s, who are fans.


A couple other authors I'd like to see included in your noir list are James Crumley and Anne Argula. Crumley has been around for over 35 years now. His first book was One to Count Cadence, a semiautobiographical novel about the hard-working and hard-drinking men of the Army Security Agency in the 1960s, which has become a cult classic for veterans. He went on to write a fine series of PI books; his most recent is The Right Madness (2005).

Anne Argula is brand new, sort of. Last year she published Homicide My Own, a quirky crime book with hints of the supernatural and a female police-detective protagonist. Argula is a nom de plume for Darryl Ponicsan, a novelist who was successful back in the 1970s and then "disappeared" for years into the Hollywood screenwriting machine. He is perhaps best known for his books, The Last Detail and Cinderella Liberty, both tales of Navy life during the Vietnam era, which were also successful films. Look for a new Argula book, Walla Walla Suite, this fall.

While I dearly love young Mr. Huston's stuff, I have to plug the older guys' books, too...

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