Missal clarifications.

Author:Pristas, L.
Position:Correspondence - Letter to the Editor

First of all, I want to thank Richard John Neuhaus for calling attention to my article "Theological Principles that Guided the Redaction of the Roman Missal (1970)" (While We're At It, January).

For the sake of clarification, however, it should be noted that in the article I only examine the eleven orations advanced by the peritus who headed the study group charged with the revision of orations as examples of how the principles of reform were concretely applied. I do not draw any conclusions about the character of the orations of the new missal as a whole. My article goes no further than identifying disturbing alterations to the original texts of a very small number of prayers and calling for further study so that we may know whether similar changes were made throughout the corpus, and, if so, to what effect.

Also, Father Neuhaus reports that I blame the problems of the Latin missal on the haste with which it was...

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