SIC 5719 Miscellaneous Home Furnishings Stores


SIC 5719

Establishments in this industry are primarily engaged in the retail sale of miscellaneous home furnishings, such as china, glassware, and metal ware for kitchen and table use; bedding and linen; brooms and brushes; lamps and shades; mirrors and pictures; venetian blinds; and window shades. Establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale of miscellaneous home furnishings by house-to-house canvas or by party-plan merchandising are classified in SIC 5963: Direct Selling Establishments.



Window Treatment Stores


All Other Home Furnishings Stores

Businesses involved in the sale of miscellaneous home furnishings are as varied as the goods they sell to consumers. They offer everything needed to furnish a home from kitchenware to linens, and lamps and shades to venetian blinds and window shades.

Three factors have contributed to the steady demand of home furnishings: increased housing activity, growth in real disposable personal income, and declining consumer debt. Also contributing to the success of home furnishings sales was the fact that they could be purchased seemingly anywhere. Discount stores, as well as department stores, stock a wide variety of items for the consumer, and their prices vary with the brand name and the type of store that sells them. Of the several different types of retailers that sell home furnishings, one of the fastest growing was the specialty retailer that attracts upscale consumers. These stores may be independent operators or part of a chain and provide quality merchandise with moderate price tags. However, price is not all that attracts customers. Specialty retailers tend to carry unusual and distinctive items that attract consumers who can't find them anywhere else.

Independently owned specialty stores, which held the sales-per-square foot crown with a median of $339, were as varied as the products they sell—whether it's cutlery, pottery, lamps, lampshades, window treatments, draperies, or kitchenware. Consumers find such stores in shopping centers and malls, along commercial highways, or in country towns and back road, cottage-style boutiques. Because home furnishings cover such a broad spectrum of products and prices, and because modern distribution methods bring items manufactured halfway around the world to the smallest American town, this industry continues to perform well.

Growth in sales of furniture and other household...

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